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Knifeman dad stormed into house after girls had row

A DUBLIN man forced his way into another man's home armed with a knife following a row between their daughters.

William Rodgers (41) has been convicted of a weapons charge after getting into the house, but a judge has called on the DPP to reconsider bringing another prosecution in the case.

Judge Anthony Halpin was commenting after reading a medical report detailing what had "happened to" Rodgers while he was intruding at the house.

Blanchardstown District Court heard that Rodger's wife had tried to stop him going to the house with the knife but he had been drinking on the evening.


Rodgers, with an address at Oliver Bond House, pleaded guilty to possessing a knife as a trespasser at the house at Neilstown Avenue, Clondalkin, on August 9, 2009.

He was put on a bond to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for a year.

The court heard the DPP had consented to the case being dealt with at District Court level on a guilty plea only.

Sgt Mary Doherty said that the incident happened at 6.30pm when Rodgers "armed with a knife, forced his way into the home of James Hardiman".

Questioned by the judge, the sergeant said she was unable to state what size the knife was, but the court heard it "wasn't a samurai sword".

Rodgers had 30 previous convictions for offences, including public order breaches and unlicensed casual trading.


"There had been an altercation between his daughter and the daughter of the household into which he went," solicitor Fiona Brennan said about the incident.

"He had too much to drink and took matters on himself. He was remonstrated with by his wife but went across the road anyway and this is the result."

Ms Brennan said Rodgers was taking the matter very seriously.

She said that following his arrival at the house, both the accused and the householder were arrested and detained for questioning.

"It was deemed that my client should be charged in relation to the incident," she said.

Ms Brennan presented to the court a medical report detailing "what happened to" her client in the house when he arrived with the knife.

"Mr Rodgers is anxious to put this behind him, it's been an extremely difficult matter for him."

Judge Halpin asked if the other person had been dealt with by the courts.

The court heard no prosecution had been brought against the other party.

The judge said he felt the DPP "should reconsider" the matter.

A State solicitor confirmed: "The DPP's position is, they are considering possible further directions after this case has been finalised."


Judge Halpin said: "I think she should have regard to the medical report that I have seen here."

Details of the report were not read out to the court.

Judge Halpin added that the case preceded new legislation in relation to trespassers.

He bound Rodgers to the peace for a year in his own bond of €300.