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Knife maniacs still on the loose after frenzied attack

TWO crazed knife maniacs are on the loose after a 24-year-old criminal was left fighting for his life in a frenzied stab attack at a house party in a south Dublin suburb.

Shane Day required life- saving surgery at St Vincent's Hospital after the savage knife attack in a property at the Brehon Grove estate in Balinteer over the weekend.

Gardai were called to the scene at 5.30am on Sunday after Day was stabbed a number of times in the chest.

Sources say that well-known Dublin criminal Gerard Eglinton (25) was in the house when the attack happened but was not involved in the incident.

The chief suspects are in their early 20s - they are a criminal from Tallaght and a notorious thug from Crumlin who was recently released from prison after serving a lengthy sentence for stabbing two people.

Previously the out-of-control- thug beat a murder rap after a highly controversial trial.

It is understood that a number of searches have been carried out to try and locate the suspects, who are still at large.

A source said: "The victim would have died if he had not received rapid hospital treatment. This was a very violent, frenzied attack and it is important that the suspect is apprehended quickly.

"The investigation into this matter is very much ongoing and is being co-ordinated by gardai in Dundrum."

Victim Day, of St Columbanis Place, Milltown, is well known to gardai and has around 100 previous convictions.

In June 2008, he received a two-year suspended sentence for his role in the 2006 "Love Ulster" riot in Dublin.

But this sentence was activated eight months later after Day committed seven new offences including public order offences, criminal damage and two charges of possession of a knife.