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Knife held to woman's neck in raid ordeal


Ballybane FootGolf at Peamount Lane

Ballybane FootGolf at Peamount Lane

Ballybane FootGolf at Peamount Lane

A TRAUMATISED couple were held at knifepoint and viciously assaulted yesterday morning in the capital's latest aggravated burglary.

Martin McNulty (65) and his wife Mary (63) were asleep at their home in Clondalkin, west Dublin when two raiders forced their way into the back door of the house shortly after 5am.

One of the thugs, aged in his early 20s, was armed with a knife that had been taken from the couple's kitchen, while the other raider - who is believed to be as young as 15 - was armed with a metal pole.

Both wore baseball caps, and spoke with Traveller accents. The two ordered the husband and wife out of their bed at the address in Ballybane, situated on the Nangor Road, and held a knife up to the wife's throat as they demanded money.

Well-known golf and pitch and putt course owner Mr McNulty said he was terrified that he or his wife would be stabbed.

However, Mr McNulty bravely attempted to fight off the vicious thugs when they stormed the couple's bedroom.

"I was shocked; these two men broke in around 5.30am and marched us out of our bed. They held a knife to my wife's throat. They kept saying where's the f***ing money," he told the Herald.

"They were making all sorts of threats. I was worried they were going to stab one of us," he added.

Before breaking into the home they targeted the office of their Ballybane pitch and putt club but failed to steal anything from the premises.

Mr McNulty was assaulted as he tried to fight off the two burglars and a vase was violently smashed against his face causing a cut under his eye.

Their home was also broken into last year when thieves made off with a safe, but the couple weren't home at the time.

The thugs in yesterday's raid made off with a four-figure sum of cash.