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Knickers protesters bought FG tickets

Pro-choice protesters, who dramatically interrupted Taoiseach Enda Kenny's London fundraiser, bought €125 tickets to gain access to the event.

Mr Kenny had a pair of women's underwear, with 'Repeal the 8th Enda' written on them, put on his place setting at the €25,000 fundraiser.

The activists from a feminist group called Imelda (Ireland Making England the Legal Destination for Abortion) spoke in unison as they recited: "Twelve woman a day have no option but to make the same trip from Ireland everyday."


After their protest, the three protesters were removed by security. But a spokesperson for Imelda said they gained access by buying tickets.

Thinking they were regular guests, the organisers apologised to the three women for the protesters - from their own group - picketing outside.

"At the end of his speech, Enda Kenny said he was looking forward to shaking hands with everyone in the room and hearing their views on issues, so they gave him their views on reproductive justice in Ireland," a spokesperson said.

The 'Friends of Fine Gael' event was attended by up to 200 party supporters at a price of €126 a-head.

Among the guests accompanying Mr Kenny at the top table were Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald and Fine Gael general secretary Tom Curran.