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Kitty Louis has Z factor as dance wins €1k for owner

The winner of the ZozzyTV Z Factor competition has been announced, scooping up a €1,000 prize.

The winning entry, titled Christmas Kitten, came from Gemma O'Brien (24) from North Strand -- the owner of Louis, a seven-month-old cat whose festive outfit and dancing captivated viewers.

The two-week Z Factor competition called on people to create videos up to 60 seconds in length, displaying their talents, for a chance to win €1,000.

All entries were shown on the big ZozzyTV screens on Grafton Street, Henry Street and Temple Bar and put to the public vote through ZozzyTV's website.

Gemma is studying for a postgraduate degree in Applied Behavioural Analysis at Trinity College, and she plans on putting her winnings towards her degree.

"It's just a video of my cat dancing along to a Christmas song. He's moving his hands while dancing and it's just really cute. My mother is always having him dance around the house and I thought it would be fun for people to watch," she told the Herald.

"I got him a little Santa outfit in Penneys and thought it would be fun to enter. My brother's girlfriend entered and I thought that we could do something funnier, so I tried.

"I'll be putting most of the €1,000 towards my postgrad, but of course I have to buy something for Louis now too.

"The money has come in extremely handy -- I can use it to replace the money I spent over Christmas that I should have been saving," she said.

Before making his debut in the winning video, Louis had been living in an animal shelter, from where Gemma saved him four months ago.

"He looks good now, he's got this little tiger face. He was absolutely wild when we first got him, but he's much more settled now," she said.

Managing director for ZozzyTV Billy Brennan said that they were "delighted" with the popularity of the competition.

"The Z Factor has been a great platform for those with ambitions of stardom to show the public their talents or, in some cases, those of their friends or pets," Billy said.