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'King Scum' Felloni free after 14 years

'KING Scum' Tony Felloni was planning his first day of freedom today after serving more than 14 years for heroin dealing.

The 67-year-old Dubliner who flooded the city with drugs in the 1980s and 1990s, was scheduled to be released from prison today.

Felloni had kept a low profile while in Portlaoise maximum security prison since 1996.

He was moved to the training unit in Mountjoy Prison in Dublin before Christmas in preparation for his final release.

The lifelong criminal, who reportedly got some of his own children hooked on heroin, had few friends behind bars but had struck up a friendship with fellow drug dealer John Gilligan.


His persistent drug dealing in Dublin had involved the use of some of his children as couriers and drug tasters. He is reviled for ruining hundreds of lives.

He was Prisoner Number 4786 for a decade and a half behind the high walls of Portlaoise prison.

He had taken a computer course while in prison. His "earnings" inside amounted to €2.35 a day. The Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) took his "nest-egg" of ill-gotten gains while he was behind bars.

Last May, gardai seized almost €500,000 in assets from him and two family members.

The High Court gave the go-ahead to the CAB to confiscate the cash, stashed here, in Northern Ireland and in England.

Their legal battle ran for almost as long as his 20-year sentence, handed down in June 1996.

In the criminal courts, Felloni pleaded guilty to a number of drug trafficking offences relating to the sale and supply of heroin with a street value of more than €444,000.

He had 26 previous convictions, dating from 1959, including a 10-year sentence imposed in 1986 for drug trafficking.

Felloni's son Luigi Felloni was sentenced to six years' imprisonment in the same year as his father's final conviction after pleading guilty to trafficking in heroin.

In that year his daughter, Regina Felloni was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison after she had also pleaded guilty to trafficking in the drug.

A decade ago, his son Mario was jailed for six months for an attack on a prison officer while he was visiting another jailed brother, Ronaldo.

Felloni's daughter Ann Felloni (28) became hooked on heroin at the age of 13, after her father began using her in his business.

She was sent to Mountjoy in 1997 to serve a three-and-a-half year sentence after stabbing another drug addict.

Another sibling, single mother Lena Felloni (27), has sought to change her name because of the stigma attached to it.