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King Ratt gun attack as young boys slept

Two young boys were asleep in the south Dublin house when it was targeted by bungling gunmen who dropped their weapons as they fled the scene, gardai have confirmed.

The house that was targeted, in Drimnagh, is the home of an associate of gang boss Brian 'King Ratt' Rattigan.

Detectives are still investigating the shooting but believe the house was singled out for attack after an earlier row on Monday night.

The gunmen dropped two weapons as they fled the scene in the feud-related shooting at 9.45pm.

A man, the father of the two young boys, and an elderly woman were in the front room of the house when the incident happened.


One of two gunmen opened fire on the house, but fled the scene at speed after discharging a single shot.

In their haste to leave they dropped two weapons used in the attack, a sawn-off shotgun and a 9mm handgun. The men escaped the scene in a jeep with British number plates.

The guns were recovered by gardai when they responded to a call reporting the shooting.

The attack is believed to have targeted a local man who is an associate of gangland boss Brian Rattigan who is in his early 30s.

He is currently on bail awaiting trial for a gang-related offence and cannot be named for legal reasons.

The man is well known to gardai and was a close pal of murdered brothers John and Noel Roche, both killed in 2005 as a result of a bloody feud between King Ratt's gang and the group led by 'Fat' Freddie Thompson.


He usually travels wearing a bullet-proof vest and carries a small knife with him at all times for protection.

His life was threatened in the past and in 2005, he was told that two Limerick hitmen were set to target him, but no attack occurred.

A brother of the man was targeted by Thompson and associates in May 2005.

Gardai stopped Thompson as he followed the man's car in Rialto. When he was stopped, Thompson, wearing a wig, swallowed a phone Sim card.

Gardai believe that the criminal was attempting to intimidate their target by driving around after him.