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Kinahans offered thugs €5k each to carry out 'Nellie' prison slashing


James ‘Nellie’ Walsh, who was attacked in Mountjoy Prison

James ‘Nellie’ Walsh, who was attacked in Mountjoy Prison

James ‘Nellie’ Walsh, who was attacked in Mountjoy Prison

A dangerous gun-for-hire had his face slashed in prison after a €10,000 hit was placed on his head by members of the Kinahan cartel.

Thug James 'Nellie' Walsh (31) was left with serious facial injuries after being attacked by two inmates in Mountjoy Prison over the weekend.

The criminal was assaulted on the jail's A-wing, a protection landing where prisoners are locked in their cells for 23 hours a day.

The Herald can reveal that the cartel's main organiser in Mountjoy ordered the attack, offering two thugs €5,000 each to carry out the slashing.


A source last night said that two inmates attacked Walsh on Saturday, at a time when prisoners were permitted to leave their cells for one hour.

"One of them went over to Walsh and started punching him, before the second attacker ran in and slashed Walsh in the face. It was a fairly brutal attack," a source said.

Prison officials believe that the two men, who are from the southside of the capital, were enlisted by arsonist Davin Flynn (44) to carry out the attack.

Flynn is considered to be the cartel's main enforcer in the jail and offered the two men €5,000 each to carry out the attack.

The Kinahan associate is currently serving a six-year prison term for burning down a Dublin head shop, which caused €1m of damage.

It is understood that Walsh has kept to himself since being placed on the protection landing and has not had any major disciplinary issues.

Gardai are investigating whether Walsh was attacked over an ongoing feud in west Dublin, which saw two "blood brothers" shot dead within days of one another in September.

Darragh Nugent (36) and John Gibson (28) were shot dead a week apart over their links to hitman Walsh.

The drug trafficking gang suspected of both murders is closely aligned to the Kinahan cartel.

This association became evident in August, when the west Dublin gang's leader, a burly thug in his mid-30s, was arrested by detectives probing a murder plot linked to the Hutch/Kinahan feud.

The gang boss was detained at Dublin Airport on suspicion of conspiring to murder Hutch associate James 'Mago' Gately. He was later released without charge.


Walsh is currently serving a 10-year jail term for the shooting of businessman Michael Frazer, during which the would-be hitman also shot himself.

Detectives have also linked Walsh to several other shootings in Dublin and the midlands, and believe that he is a gun for hire working for a number of different crime gangs.