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Kinahan's men quizzed on brutal murder of The Don

DRUGS kingpin Christy Kinahan was today linked to the Don's murder.

Two associates of the Costa crime boss were being quizzed by detectives for planning Eamonn Dunne's killing.

Gardai believe Kinahan's men provided logistical support to the north inner city gang who shot notorious gangster The Don in a Cabra pub last April.

Officers believe the men, in their late 20s, may have supplied the weapons for the attack and are examining two handguns seized during searches yesterday.

According to security sources, Kinahan and Dunne fell out over cocaine pricing and the number of murders The Don had ordered.

"When Kinahan speaks, you listen, that's the unwritten rule. But Dunne was too pig-headed to take orders," a source said.

They are trying to establish whether they can link the weapons to Dunne's murder.

The Herald exclusively revealed in May that the erratic Don was infuriating Christy 'Dapper Don' Kinahan, the main supplier of drugs to Dublin's criminal underworld, because he was drawing attention to his operations.

Dunne (34) had also refused to sell his cocaine at an agreed price, which was angering Kinahan and drug dealers across the city, resulting in a cocaine price war.


Kinahan is understood to have given the contract to a small inner city gang run by two local criminals, one of whom is a sex offender, because he decided that Dunne had become too much of a liability.

The gang, which is heavily involved in armed robberies and drugs, was once led by Christopher 'Bouncer' Hutch (25), the Monk's nephew, who has since died.

Kinahan is believed to have sent his two cronies to help out with the assassination plot because he didn't trust the gang to do the job properly.

The crime boss is currently held up in a Spanish jail as authorities try to build a case against him for a billion euro drug trafficking and money laundering operation.

Under Spanish law, Kinahan can be held for up to four years without being charged.

'The Don' (34) was killed sitting next to his 17-year-old daughter in the Faussagh House pub in Cabra on April 23 when two gunmen entered and fired up to a dozen shots.

Kinahan's associates were arrested yesterday following searches in Hardwicke Street flats, off the North Circular Road, in Blanchardstown in west Dublin and Bettystown, Co Meath.

Two handguns were seized during the searches as well as a kilo of cocaine, with a street value of around €70,000

Neither of the men arrested yesterday are believed to have formed part of the four-man hit squad responsible for murdering Dunne in April but are understood to have played a vital role in the operation.

The two men were detained under section 50 of the Criminal Justice Act and can be held without charge for up to seven days.

A girlfriend of one of the men, also in her late 20s, was arrested in the swoops and was being questioned last night for allegedly withholding information. She can be detained without charge for up to three days.

The three are being held at Whitehall, Mountjoy and Store Street stations.

The Don was blown away by two gunmen on April 23 as he celebrated a friend's birthday at the Faussagh House pub in Cabra.

One of the men walked up to him and shot him a number of times in the back of the head and fired more shots after Dunne had hit the ground.


The second gunman, who was armed with a revolver, stood just inside the pub door with his gun at the ready to shoot anybody who tried to lunge at the gunman.

A post-mortem confirmed that Dunne had been hit six times in the head and back.

Two other men waited outside the pub in a Volkswagen Passatt which was used as a getaway car by the four-man murder team.

The car was abandoned not far from the scene but an attempt to burn it failed.

Dunne was one of the most violent and erratic bosses in the history of Dublin's gangland and is linked to 17 murders.