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Kinahan gunman on bicycle botches hit on Monk's brother


Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

Paddy Hutch Snr

Paddy Hutch Snr


Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch

A brother of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch has survived an assassination bid after a hitman botched the attempt on his life, the Herald can reveal.

The home of Paddy Hutch Snr - who is the father of feud victim Gary Hutch (35) - was targeted at the weekend.

It is believed that a lone gunman on a bicycle approached Mr Hutch's house in the north inner city but failed to carry through with the attack.

Paddy Hutch Snr (55) was issued with a Garda Information Message (GIM form) eight days ago.

GIM forms are issued when gardai receive credible information that a person's life is under threat.

Detectives in the Dublin North Central division received intelligence that there was an imminent threat against Hutch's life.

Gardai in the north inner city were alerted to a suspected gunman on a bike in the Champions Avenue area on Saturday evening.


Members of the armed Emergency Response Unit (ERU) arrived minutes after the call-out at around 6pm.

A source said the threat against Hutch is being taken "extremely seriously" by gardai, and the target was informed as recently as last week that he was in danger.

"Members of the ERU were carrying out their Operation Hybrid checkpoints and received a call-out over a gunman on a bicycle in the Champions Avenue estate," the source said.

"The armed officers flooded the area, but the would-be gunman didn't carry out a shooting.

"It is being investigated as a potential threat against the life of this man."

No arrests have yet been made in relation to the incident, and officers are continuing their inquiries.

The identity of the gunman has not yet been established, but gardai believe associates of the Kinahan cartel were behind the attempted hit.

Paddy Hutch Snr was previously arrested and questioned for several days by detectives investigating the feud.

He was later released without charge.

Gardai from the North Central division have been routinely patrolling four estates in which members of the Hutch family live since February over fears that further murders will be carried out.

The ongoing feud between members of the Hutch organised crime gang and the cartel has so far claimed seven lives.

However, the murders of Darren Kearns (33) last December 30 and David 'Daithi' Douglas (54) 11 days ago have been linked to the dispute.

Members of the Kinahan cartel believed that the two men were involved in a botched assassination attempt last November.

A lone gunman approached gang members Liam Roe (38) and Liam Byrne (35) and tried to fire a number of shots, but his gun jammed.

Despite being linked to the failed hit, gardai are satisfied that neither man was directly involved in the incident at the Red Cow hotel on November 6.

Three relatives of Gerry Hutch (53) have already been murdered as part of the gangland feud.

His brother Eddie Snr (59) was gunned down by a four-man murder squad on February 9 at his home on Poplar Row, Ballybough.

Two of Gerry Hutch's nephew's have also been murdered in shootings related to the dispute.

Gareth Hutch (35) was shot dead as he got into his car in the Avondale House apartment complex on North Cumberland street on May 24.

Another nephew, Gary Hutch, was shot dead at his apartment complex on the Costa del Sol last September.

A new task force to tackle the gang feud is expected to be launched within weeks after its 38 members were chosen by senior officers.

The new unit will comprise one detective inspector, seven sergeants and thirty gardai.

They will work alongside a number of national units including the Criminals Assets Bureau (CAB).