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Kinahan drug trafficker takes to the streets on his bike after ditching driver


Kinahan cartel member Greg Lynch

Kinahan cartel member Greg Lynch

Kinahan cartel member Greg Lynch

A convicted heroin trafficker and key member of the Kinahan cartel has been conducting his business on a bicycle because of the major heat his long-term driver is getting from gardai.

Notorious hood Greg Lynch (32) has been spotted by officers on both sides of the city riding around on a pushbike and sporting a dark helmet and shorts.

Sources said Lynch was "looking fit" despite the permanent facial injuries he suffered in a botched murder attempt in the north inner city in October 2013.

"He seems to love speeding around on that bike," one source said last night.


"He is often spotted in the south inner city near his home in the Maryland area and the Oliver Bond flats complex.

"However, gardai have stopped him in the north inner city area as well and he uses his bike to cross the River Liffey on a regular basis, where he does business with criminals in the area patrolled by Bridewell gardai."

It is understood that Lynch has decided that his 32-year-old long-term driver is getting "too much heat from the cops", but that the major drug dealer has not fallen out with him.

Last year, gardai investigating the activities of the Kinahan cartel seized more than €40,000 from Lynch's former driver in a raid in the Liberties area of the south inner city.

Lynch and his former driver are also business partners, with the two criminals involved in at least two companies in the south inner city.

One of these businesses has also previously been raided as part of a garda crackdown on the Kinahan cartel.

In April of last year, the homes of Lynch and his father Gerard 'Bra' Brady were among a large number of properties raided by gardai investigating the activities of the Kinahan cartel.

Gerard (56) is a close pal of godfather Christy Kinahan, who also lived in the Oliver Bond flats for years.

He has 18 convictions for crimes, including theft and possession of dangerous weapons, but he is not known to be active in the drugs trade.


The same cannot be said for his son Greg, who was aged just 19 when he was jailed in 2004 after he was caught handing over huge amounts of heroin in a car park.

Lynch - who survived an assassination attempt four years ago that has left him facially disfigured - is one of Ireland's biggest drug dealers and has multiple threats against his life.

Senior sources say Lynch - who street dealers are terrified of - is in the top 10 heroin and crack cocaine importers in Ireland.

He was jailed for six years in 2004 after he was caught handing over €400,000 of heroin in the car park of the Red Cow Inn.

He was arrested following a surveillance operation by gardai.