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Killers tell priest location of kidnap Noonan body

A PRIEST has given gardai key information about the kidnapped Dublin man, presumed murdered.

It is now more than two weeks since dad-of-one Ciaran Noonan (29) was dragged into the back of a black VW Golf after being chased down and beaten in East Wall with iron bars on October 20.

Gardai have spent the past week searching for Ciaran’s body after a priest received anonymous phone calls which revealed that his body had been dumped in a drain in a field in Co Meath. The information given to the priest suggests that Ciaran’s body is within a five-mile radius of Ashbourne.

“The focus of the searches is to find this unfortunate young man’s body – gardai are fairly confident that the information given to the priest is accurate,” said a source.

“Gardai also believe that the gang who were involved in the abduction did not intend to kill him.”

The three men involved have all vanished and are understood to have fled the country.

The latest twist in the case comes as Ciaran’s heartbroken dad opened his heart about how he is now certain that his son is dead.

“We are hopeful he will be found, but without a doubt they are looking for his body now. It’s just been too long,” Willie Noonan told the Herald as he supported wife Geraldine.

“We want him back because it’s an awful thing having nowhere to go to remember him. It would give us peace to have a place to go to him.”

Willie said they had stood by Ciaran “through thick and thin”.

“There were times when he never took drugs, sometimes for months, but then there would be an outside influence – pulling him and dragging him back into it,” he said.

Willie said that drug addiction is something that can happen to any family from anywhere.

“I used to drive past a place on Pearse Street where addicts would get treatment, with Ciaran and his brother, and I would say to them ‘If you ever take drugs that is how you will end up’. One never went near them but the other one did.”

Ciaran Noonan had a drug problem that plagued his life and cost his family tens of thousands of euro trying to pay off his debts.

He was taken in broad daylight and hasn’t been seen since. The car he was abducted in was found in the underground car park of a block of apartments in Ashbourne with blood in the back seats.

Gardai fear he was murdered over a drug debt, possibly after the beating he received got out of hand.

Searches of lands around Ratoath, Dunboyne and the Trim Road are continuing, but at this stage gardai are looking for a body.

A Coolock-based thug in his 20s is believed to have played a key role in bundling Ciaran into the back of the car before he was driven away.

It is understood that Ciaran owed him a five-figure drugs debt.