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Killer who knifed teenage mum is having baby in jail

A WOMAN convicted of killing a mum-of-two in front of her own children is expecting a child in jail, it has emerged.

Kelly Noble, who was jailed for manslaughter, is four months pregnant.

It is understood that the 26-year-old became pregnant in the middle of June, almost a year after her early release from Mountjoy's women's prison.

Noble was given a 10-year sentence with two years suspended in 2007 for stabbing 19-year-old Emma McLoughlin to death outside Pat's Supermarket in Laytown, Co Meath on June 2, 2006, while Ms McLoughlin's screaming children were looking on.

In February 2008, her sentence was reduced on appeal to eight years in prison with the final two years suspended and she was freed in August 2010 to complete her probation service ahead of her full release.

However, Noble was imprisoned once more this year after breaking the conditions of her early release.

Noble, who is also a mother of two, was freed on the condition that she signed on once a week in Mountjoy's female wing.

She was also required to reside at a probation service supervised house on Dublin's Northside, and had to comply with an 11pm curfew.

Noble stabbed Ms McLoughlin after the 19-year-old accused her of kicking her in the stomach while she was pregnant.

In the Central Criminal Court, she denied murder, but a jury found her guilty of manslaughter.

The court heard she had gone to the supermarket with her son when she was approached by Ms McLoughlin, who accused her of kicking her in the stomach while pregnant.

She told detectives Ms McLoughlin "busted'' her nose in the supermarket.

She then made a phone call to her friend and child minder Niamh Cullen and asked her to bring an eight-inch kitchen knife to the scene.

Ms Cullen was seen arriving at the supermarket on CCTV. She admitted carrying the kitchen knife in a child's schoolbag to the scene, along with Ms Noble's daughter.

Noble, who had a heroin problem, said she had been afraid she would get her head kicked in and told gardai: "It was self-defence, big time."

Noble said she did not intend to kill Ms McLoughlin, but just wanted her to run away.

Despite her early release from prison, Noble has been far from a model inmate.

She tackled a prison officer, with two other inmates, after he tried to prevent them getting their hands on an orange that was packed with three bags of heroin, a quantity of cocaine and tablets, and which had been thrown into the recreation area.

She was also transferred within the prison system on a number of occasions.

She was once moved out of Dochas to Limerick after having a row with her mother, Jacqui Noble, who is serving a life sentence for her part in the murder of her husband in Ballymun over a decade ago.


Both women suffered horrifying abuse at the hands of Kelly's father in the years before his death.

In 2004, her mother was convicted of the murder of Derek Benson (33) who was hacked to death with a sword at his flat at Sandy Hill Avenue, in Ballymun, Dublin, in May 2000.

She was helped by a co-accused Paul Hopkins (24), from Sillogue Avenue, who was also jailed for life.

During her trial it was revealed that Noble suffered terrible abuse growing up at the hands of her father Derek Benson, and was regularly beaten by him.

The Irish Prisons Service did not comment on the story today when contacted by the Herald.