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Killer volcano erupts again

Indonesia's deadly volcano has unleashed another powerful eruption, spewing out towering clouds of hot ash. Mount Merapi, one of the world's most active volcanoes, has killed at least 38 people in the past week.

Safari Dwiyono, a volcanologist, said ash and debris were fired hundreds of metres into the air. Searing gases were also spilling down the slopes of the 3,000-metre mountain.

On the other end of the country, rescue workers were ferrying aid to survivors of a tsunami that killed at least 450 people.

Fun exercise brings benefits

Physical activity can stave off depression -- but only if it is fun, research suggests.

Scientists said people who exercised regularly were less likely to be depressed.

But they found that such activity has to be during leisure time to be of benefit.

People who exert themselves at work, for instance by digging up roads or heavy lifting, were no less likely to suffer depression than those in sedentary desk jobs.

China starts record census

China has begun its world-beating once-a-decade census, a whirlwind 10-day head count that will see six million officials go door-to-door to document the massive demographic changes taking place in the world's most populous country.

The 2000 tally put China's official population at 1.295 billion people. In the 10 years since, there has been an extensive shift in the population base as millions of migrant workers have poured into urban areas from the countryside.

It is the sixth time China has carried out a national census, and will find the true size of China's giant cities, the populations of which have up to now only been estimates.