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Killer to miss daughter's wedding at Siobhan hotel

WIFE killer Brian Kearney is said to be "deeply upset" because he will be missing his beloved daughter's wedding later this month.

Kearney is serving a life sentence in Wheatfield Prison for the murder of his wife Siobhan at their plush home in Goatstown, south Dublin, in February, 2006. She was strangled.

The Herald has learnt that Kearney's loyal daughter Aoife is marrying her long term partner at the boutique Hotel Salvia in Majorca.

Kearney opened the luxury hotel in the upmarket resort of Soller in north-west Mallorca with his wife in 2003, three years before he strangled her and then tried to make it look like suicide.

He handed the running of the hotel over to his daughter Aoife after he was jailed for life for her murder. The hotel is now run by Kearney's brother, Patrick.

Aoife -- who was born from a previous relationship that Kearney was involved in -- is a regular visitor to her killer dad and attended every day of his dramatic murder trial in March, 2008 where she sat beside him.

She was a constant figure of support for her dad in the court-room and also attended his failed bid for freedom at the court of Criminal Appeal in July, 2009.

When the judges announced that they were dismissing his appeal against the murder conviction, Kearney didn't react. But Aoife caught his eye and said: "Sorry, Dad." "No problem," he whispered back.

The wedding in Spain is set to be a lavish affair with dozens of guests flying in from Dublin. However Kearney's only communication with his daughter on her big day will be on the telephone from the grim surroundings of Wheatfield Prison.

Last month, the Herald revealed that Kearney has taken a new interest in politics behind bars and has been actively encouraging other inmates to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Jail sources have revealed that Kearney has been going from cell door-to-cell door with forms which prisoners can fill-out to apply to vote in the big election in late October.

Kearney from Knocknashee, Goatstown, was found guilty of strangling his wife with a vacuum cleaner flex in March 2008.

A jury took just over five hours to reject his claim that she committed suicide and found that he murdered her on February 28, 2006 -- his 49th birthday -- as she lay in bed in her pyjamas. After killing her, Kearney tried to hoist her over a door in her bedroom in an attempt to make it look like she killed herself.

During the 13-day trial, the court heard Siobhan, mother to the couple's then three-year-old son Daniel, was filing for a divorce and had sought legal advice.

The jury was also told that Kearney would have been hit badly by a separation after remortgaging the family home to build a new home next door and pay for the Majorca hotel, leaving himself asset rich but cash poor.