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Killer Quirke may have his first prison visitor since verdict


Mountjoy Prison, where Patrick Quirke is now incarcerated

Mountjoy Prison, where Patrick Quirke is now incarcerated

Mountjoy Prison, where Patrick Quirke is now incarcerated

Convicted killer Patrick Quirke could receive his first visitor today after being incarcerated in Mountjoy on Wednesday for the murder of Bobby Ryan.

Now known as prisoner number 107243, Quirke (50) has spent his first couple of nights getting used to his new surroundings.

Early indications are that he is keeping his head down and is probably in shock after the jury verdict.


Arriving in the committal unit of Mountjoy late on Wednesday afternoon, he would have had his first look at the prison menu.

He would then have received a standard prison tea, which would have included fruit and bread.

Because he is new to the system, and is older than most other inmates, he will initially be under constant watch.

He was seen by the prison doctor, governor and most likely a psychologist, as is standard practice.

This is to ensure that his physical, mental and emotional health is assessed and recorded.

Quirke will be allowed to wear his own clothes, but will likely be kept on suicide watch, when he will be checked every 15 minutes.

This is considered normal procedure and does not mean that Quirke is at any more of a threat of taking his own life than any other inmate under the circumstances.

Quirke will spend a number of days, and possibly weeks, in the committal unit before he is designated a cell in the regular prison system.

He may also be moved to the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise, Co Laois, or Limerick Prison.

However, there is more space in the Midlands, so it is likely he will serve his sentence there.

Quirke will now also be getting used to the visiting regime, and his first visitor is due today or tomorrow.