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Killer nickname told us we made it -- Scissor Sisters

They perform to sell- out crowds and have a string of hits under their belt, but quirky US band Scissor Sisters said they knew they had made it when the notorious Mulhall sisters were named after them.

The Take Your Mama singers joked that they could "safely retire" knowing that they were considered famous enough to have convicted killers Charlotte and Linda named after them.

Their mother's boyfriend, African Farah Swali Noor, was brutally decapitated in 2005.


Although the band were adamant that they do not condone violence, they appreciated the irony of the nickname.

"We know about the 'Scissor Sisters', the women in Ireland," guitarist Del Marquis said. "We love a sensational story -- not to obviously celebrate, you know, anyone's death or anything morbid like that -- but you know you've made it when a pair of killers are named after your band," he said. "You can safely retire at that point ... "

Although the New Yorkers are regularly questioned about the name choice on these shores, they caused a furore when they referenced the pair on stage during a recent gig here.

The band are gearing up for their highly anticipated concert in the Olympia on June 20.

However, the band has never shied away from controversy, as three of the five members are proud to be openly homosexual.

Del said that at the time the band first hit the bigtime, being openly identified as gay wasn't as common as it is now.

"You had marginally closeted artists in the 80s, you know, if it was Andy Bell, or Boy George -- everybody knew," he said.

"And now, I mean, there are so many different members of bands that have 'come out', do people call them 'gay artists'? Not really. That question is only relevant because nobody was really 'out' before that point.

"We kind of set a precedent," he added.