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Killer mum to appeal jail term

A mother jailed for 17 years for killing her six children in a house fire is to appeal against the length of her sentence.

Mairead Philpott (32) was jailed alongside her husband Mick at Nottingham Crown Court last month after being found guilty of the manslaughter of Jade Philpott and her brothers John, Jack, Jesse, Jayden and Duwayne.

Defence barrister Shaun Smith said of the appeal: "She was instrumental in killing six children, but we feel as though her role in the killing of the six children was not as substantial as the trial judge has assessed."

The president and CEO of The Associated Press says the US government's seizure of AP journalists' phone records was "unconstitutional" and already has had a chilling effect on news gathering.

Gary Pruitt says the Justice Department's secret subpoena of reporters' phone records has made sources less willing to talk to AP journalists.

Prosecutors have said they are conducting a leaks probe into how the AP learned about an al-Qa'ida bomb plot in Yemen before it was made public last year.


'Star Trek: Into Darkness has warped its way to $70.6m takings in the US though it's not setting any light-speed records with a debut that's lower than the studio's expectations.

The latest voyage of the Starship Enterprise fell short of its predecessor, 2009's Star Trek, which opened with $75.2m.