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Killer Molly giving tourist advice from inside prison


Molly Martens is involved in a special prison programme

Molly Martens is involved in a special prison programme

Molly Martens is involved in a special prison programme

Killer Molly Martens is now working with a prison-based US tourist information service offering holiday advice about North Carolina in a bid to reduce her sentence for the murder of her Irish husband, Jason Corbett.

Martens (34) is now taking part in a special programme in North Carolina prisons on which inmates assist tourists with telephone queries.

Inmates answer calls from tourists to a toll-free number and offer information about holiday attractions, state parks, tourist routes, accommodation, restaurants and special events.

The programme does not involve inmates identifying themselves as being in prison and strictly forbids any exchange of personal information.

Tourists are generally unaware they have been talking to convicts. Strictly supervised, the work programme does allow inmates to have time taken off their sentences.

Martens and her father, retired FBI agent Tom Martens (68), were convicted last summer of the second degree murder of Irish businessman and father-of-two Mr Corbett (39).

Both are now appealing their 20-25 year sentences.

Because of her involvement in the approved work programme, Martens now has a scheduled release date from her sentence of August 2037. Without the prison work programme she would have faced a release date in April 2041.

The North Carolina Correctional Institute of Women has been operating the prison tourism programme for 20 years.

As well as answering telephone queries, inmates prepare tourism information packs for marketing campaigns.

Martens and her father were convicted by a Davidson County jury of the murder of Mr Corbett, a Limerick-born business executive.

After being attacked by his wife and father-in-law on August 2, 2015, while he was asleep in bed at his luxury North Carolina home, Mr Corbett was left to die on the bedroom floor.

He had been struck repeatedly with a heavy concrete paving brick and a metal baseball bat.

DRUGGED Martens and her father were accused by prosecutors of deliberately delaying their call to emergency services to ensure Mr Corbett had died when they arrived. He had been drugged with a sedative prescribed to his wife just days earlier.

Mr Corbett's sister, Tracey Corbett-Lynch, has written a best-selling tribute to her brother entitled My Brother Jason.

She revealed her brother was preparing to move back to Ireland with his children amid increasing concerns over his wife's mental health issues and erratic behaviour.

Mr Corbett lost his first wife and the mother of his children, Margaret 'Mags' Fitzpatrick, to a tragic asthma attack in 2006.

Martens worked as a nanny for his two children. The couple married in 2011. Just weeks later, Martens went to a US divorce lawyer to ask about her custody rights to Mr Corbett's children.