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Killer Mackin was planning bigger attack with weapons haul


Adrian Crevan Mackin: Had serious convictions in the North, but was out on bail

Adrian Crevan Mackin: Had serious convictions in the North, but was out on bail

Adrian Crevan Mackin: Had serious convictions in the North, but was out on bail

Garda-killer Adrian Crevan Mackin was planning a much bigger attack than that which was foiled by the intervention of Garda Tony Golden, investigators believe.

Gardai recovered a second high-powered Glock automatic pistol and 700 rounds of ammunition hidden in Crevan Mackin’s car, along with petrol cans, after the gun attack on his former partner and the garda.

A psychologist had also assessed Crevan Mackin as “extremely dangerous” and likely to pose a serious threat to others, particularly his partner Siobhan Phillips, who he shot on Sunday night leaving her with critcal injuires.

The Herald understands that a report on the 24-year-old, who was on bail for IRA membership, was compiled at the behest of the North’s social services.

He had previously threatened the lives of two female social workers in Northern Ireland who were investigating him for domestic abuse against his former partner. As a result of the incident, which was being investigated by the PSNI, the Northern authorities asked a psychologist to review the extensive file they held on him.

“The report assessed him as being extremely dangerous with the capacity for extreme violence, including murder,” a source said.

The same source also claimed that the alarming report had been sent to the PSNI but its contents were not known to gardai where Crevan Mackin had moved to live with Ms Phillips.

Gardai will tomorrow start a search of the house in Omeath where he shot his partner and Garda Golden before taking his own life.

Investigators believe that he would have shot anyone else who entered the house on Sunday evening.

“It is becoming clear that Crevan Mackin was intent on murder and may also have been contemplating attacking Siobhan’s family,” a source said.

“The picture that is emerging is of a completely out-of-control, extremely violent individual.”

Crevan Mackin had been involved in reactivating decommissioned handguns, which he was supplying to criminal gangs and terrorists.

He was well-known to gardai and the PSNI for his involvement in a break-away faction of the Real IRA.