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Killer drank tea with victim's mum after fatal shooting

A 'gun-for-hire' who is the chief suspect for the murder of a Dublin man drank tea with and consoled the victim's heartbroken mother in a twisted act of treachery.

Yesterday at an inquest into the 2010 murder of father-of-one Noel Deans (27), it emerged that gardai have launched a fresh investigation into his gruesome death.

Gardai have carried out a full review of the case and yesterday Detective Inspector Paul Scott said that on completion of that review it was decided to carry out a "full reinvestigation" of the murder.

That has been going on for the last three months, he told Dublin Coroner's Court.

But sources say that the chief suspect in the case remains a highly volatile gangster who is believed to be on-the-run in England after being caught last year with a gun cartridge which had the names of three gardai engraved into it.

Apart from the murder of Deans, the dangerous Coolock criminal is suspected of being heavily involved in at least two other gangland murders and a number of reckless gun attacks and armed robberies.

A source explained: "This individual is a complete headcase, a complete loose cannon.

"The fact that he sat down and drank tea with the mother of that unfortunate man after the murder shows what a cold-hearted evil man he is."

It is believed that the notorious gunman murdered Deans over a cannabis debt.

Yesterday, Detective Inspector Scott said that on the night that Deans died, he had been in the pub for a funeral arising from a separate murder.


There was also a Traveller's christening on at the time with up to 600 people in attendance, and another christening in a different part of the pub.

Gardai have gone through CCTV footage to identify people who were in the pub that night. There are another 40 who have yet to be identified. "They are all potential witnesses," he said.

The Noel Deans murder suspect is also believed to be the gunman who was involved in the murder of criminal David 'Fred' Lynch (26) in Darndale in March 2009.

The on-the-run thug was arrested over this murder and was also questioned by gardai about the gun killing of Tallaght criminal Mark Byrne (29), who was shot dead outside Mountjoy Prison in 2005.

Sources say that he masterminded Byrne's murder after the two men became involved in a bitter prison row almost a decade ago.

The Deans murder suspect was also arrested for the non- fatal shooting of Anthony Ayodeji in Darndale in July 2008, who was shot as he held a baby boy in his arms.