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Kidnappings up by a third in five years

KIDNAPPINGS, burglaries and robberies are on the rise, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

An official review of garda figures has shown there was a spike in these crimes between 2008 and 2012 inclusive, even though some violent crime decreased.

Murder, manslaughter and other homicide offences show an overall decrease over the five-year period, but increased by almost 20pc between 2011 and 2012.

The review showed that in 2012 there were 79 homicides – 60 murders, manslaughters or cases of infanticide and 19 cases of dangerous driving leading to death – up from 66 the previous year but a fall from a high of 89 in 2008.

A number of headline crime categories saw significant increases. These included kidnappings up 31pc, robbery, extortion and hijackings up 23pc and burglary and related offences up 14pc.

There were 101 kidnapping or related offences in 2012, a slight fall on the previous year, but up from 77 in 2008. Of the 101 offences, 67 were for false imprisonment and 18 involved the abduction of someone under 16.

The rest were linked to cases of human trafficking.

There were 28,133 burglary and related offences recorded in 2012, a small increase on the previous year, but a significant jump from the 24,682 reported in 2008.


The CSO said only a small percentage of burglaries were aggravated, 325 in 2008, falling to 283 in 2012.

Gardai have recorded some major successes.

In March 2010, notorious gangland leader Thomas Freeman (58), of Deansrath Grove, Clondalkin, was jailed for 12 years for a tiger kidnapping after masterminding a terrifying raid on the home of a businessman and his family in Lackagh, Co Galway, in February 2009.

A court heard that three children were bound with cable ties and screamed at by masked raiders.

Gardai have also had good results against cash-in-transit raiders. Last month, Ian Carroll (22), of Barry Drive, Finglas, was jailed for two years after he stole €30,000 from a cash-in-transit worker at a Texaco Service Station in Ballycoolin in April 2012.

The CSO also pointed out that there was a significant increase in the level of sexual offences recorded – up 51pc between 2008 and 2012.

However, there is currently an ongoing garda review of sexual assaults and abuse cases, many of which are historical. The CSO also said many of these statistics relate to the time the crime was reported rather than the date it occurred.

The review showed that in 2008 there were 1,406 records of rapes, paedophilia and assaults compared with 2,117 in 2012.