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Kidnappings, sex offences on increase in city


Noeline Blackwell

Noeline Blackwell

Noeline Blackwell

Dublin's latest crime statistics have revealed a worrying increase in the number of sexual offences being reported.

There were 536 reported rapes across the State in 2015 - an increase of more than 12pc on the previous year according to figures released by the Central Statics Office (CSO).

The number of sexual offences reported in Dublin has increased by 116 - from 663 in 2014, to an alarming 779 in 2015.

The number of recorded incidents in this group rose to 2,361 nationally last year - a 15pc increase from 2014.

Sexual offences involving mentally-impaired victims, aggravated sexual assaults and other sex crimes are also on the rise.

The data also revealed the number of kidnapping offences in the city increased by 54 incidents in 2014, to 71 in 2015.

There was also an increase in the number of public order and social offences on the streets of the capital.

This category saw a total increase of 2,256 offences - from 9,552 in 2014, to a 11,808 last year.

However, the figures show a decrease in a range of criminal offences in the city - including homicides and burglaries.


Dublin Rape Crisis Centre chief executive Noeleen Blackwell said she wasn't surprised at the rise of sexual assaults being reported, adding that more people are seeking help.

"We are seeing a lot of pressure on services right now," she told the Herald.

"A lot of people are coming in with stories that are a lot more complex and difficult.

"One of the real indicators is now we have one of the longest waiting lists for counselling services we have ever had.

"The counsellors are coming across stories that are complex," Ms Blackwell added.