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Kidnap plot thickens as Katy tries to make escape


Diarmuid Twomey disappeared while walking home

Diarmuid Twomey disappeared while walking home

Diarmuid Twomey disappeared while walking home

Dramatic scenes on tonight's Fair City are set to keep viewers on the edge of their seats as kidnap victim Katy O'Brien tries to make her escape.

The youngster, played by Amilia Clarke Stewart, went missing in May after finding out about mum Debbie's affair with Tommy and is being held captive by Ciaran.

However, it all becomes too much for him and he decides to let Katy go after months of holding her.


Unbeknown to Ciaran, though, she is already hatching her own escape plan.

Tied up and left alone, Katy manages to free herself and steal Ciaran's phone.

To her dismay, it's locked - but a call comes through with her brother Emmet's name on the screen.

Katy answers and screams down the phone for help just as Ciaran arrives.

She is initially relieved to see him, but then she notices his clothes and realises he is her captor. Ciaran is horrified at the dilemma he is now in.

Meanwhile, actress Jenny Dixon (inset), who plays Kerri-Ann on the soap, reckons the Fair City's legions of international fans could one day see it being broadcast outside of Ireland.

The Dubliner said she is regularly approached by fans of many nationalities, leading her to think that the show could follow in the footsteps of Red Rock, which is now broadcast on the BBC and Amazon Prime.

"I know the producers would be in support of that. The content is there and what's interesting is that, in town, I met these Filipino ladies who say they love Fair City," she said.

"I've had Polish people, South Africans, Nigerians, who say they love it. If it was on Netflix or Amazon, it could be a success."