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Kian's back is to wall again in house row

SINGER Kian Egan's infamous wall around his home is at the centre of another planning row after officials told him it is too big.

The former Westlife star (inset) turned TV presenter had erected a fence around his home in Strandhill, Co Sligo in a bid to ward off nosey fans.

After a long-running legal battle, he was given permission to remove the fence and build a wall instead.

Now planners have told Egan the wall he built is 30cms too high after objections from two residents in the area.

Egan (34) has fiercely defended his right to privacy at his home in Strandhill, complaining that fans often drive there in a bid to get a glimpse of him, his actress wife Jodi Albert and their three-year-old son Koa.

He added a 70cm fence on top of a 1.2m wall, but was initially told by Sligo County Council to remove the fence.

But the decision was reversed.