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Key points of the deal:

- The pay of doctors, consultants and judges is to be targeted as part of the plan for €2bn in cutbacks in public spending next year. A referendum will be required to cut judges' pay while new contracts will be needed to reduce payments to doctors.

- TDs will spend more time in the Dail, with Dail sitting days to be increased by 50pc and TDs' holiday leave to be dramatically reduced at Christmas, Easter and summer. A special Constitution Convention will look at how the number of women in politics can be increased.

- The €1-an-hour cut to the minimum wage is to be reversed but no commitment has been given to when the old rate will be restored. The Coalition says it will maintain the current level of welfare payments.

- Students will have to pay a €2,000 registration fee from September, up from €1,500. But a Fine Gael plan to introduce a graduate tax is shelved pending a review of a report that recommended graduates contribute towards their education.

- A review of the Leaving and Junior Cert exams is to take place. But Fine Gael's pre-election plan to abolish Irish as a compulsory Leaving Cert subject is not included. The question of whether Irish should be optional for the Leaving will be considered only after steps are taken to improve its teaching.

- New measures to tackle white-collar crime are included in the programme under which a new anti-corruption law will be introduced. People convicted of those crimes are to be prevented from transferring their assets to spouses and other family members and power will be given to the Criminal Assets Bureau to pursue them for any financial benefits that resulted from their crimes.