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Key points of her appeal

Knife and bra clasp

The convictions of Knox and Sollecito depend on the claim that their DNA was found on the tip of a kitchen knife and the clasp of Meredith Kercher's bra. Court-appointed experts discredited both of the crucial claims.

Blood in the bathroom

Prosecution lawyers claim that blood in the bathroom containing the DNA of both Meredith Kercher and Knox incriminates Knox.

Her lawyers argue that it is not Knox's blood, only her DNA, and undateable, and its presence is not surprising as she lived in the house and shared the bathroom.

Time of death

Shoddy police work resulted in confusion over the time of Meredith's death. Mignini claims it was 11pm: that was when one of his witnesses said she heard a scream.

But Guede claimed the time was 9pm, which helps Knox and Sollecito because another prosecution witness claimed to have seen them at 9.30pm in a piazza in town.