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Kerry seeks reform of OAS

US secretary of State John Kerry is demanding reforms in the 35-nation Organisation of American States as he visits Latin America for the first time since taking office.

Leading the US delegation to the annual general assembly of the OAS – an organisation that he has disparaged as ineffective, inefficient and nearly irrelevant – Mr Kerry will try to convince fellow members of the need for major changes in its bureaucracy.

He is also seeking a return to its core mission of promoting human rights, democracy and development.


A two-year conservation project is under way to preserve eight Bronze Age log boats found in a quarry.

The 4,000-year-old vessels have been placed in a large refrigerated unit, where they will be sprayed with a special wax to stop their ancient timbers being degraded. It is the same technique pioneered for the Mary Rose Tudor warship.

The eight boats – the longest of which measures almost 30ft – were discovered as archaeologists excavated a section of a quarry near Peterborough in 2011.


Apple expects to expand its Silicon Valley workforce by nearly 50pc during the next three years in a sign of the company's confidence in its ability to keep coming up with hit products.

The projections envisage Apple hiring 7,400 more workers at its California HQ between now and the planned completion of a new office complex in 2016.

Apple now employs about 16,000 people there.


CHICAGO blues piano player Piano C Red, who performed with music legends Muddy Waters, BB King, Fats Domino and Buddy Guy before being paralysed in a shooting, has died.

Red's son, James Britton, said his 79-year-old father's health had been deteriorating since being shot during a robbery in 2006.

Red, whose given name was Cecil Fain, released a CD in 2009 called Cab Driving Man.