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Kerri (5) beat cancer three times now she'll star on parents' big day

THIS little girl has faced leukemia, swine flu and had a bone marrow transplant.

And she will be centre of attention, when dressed in white, as the guest of honour at her parents' wedding tomorrow.

Kerri (5) has beaten cancer three times in her short life.

Her mum Anita Mulhere (37) said that she is happy beyond words that Kerri is able to share her big day.

"I would say that I am the only bride ever who would happily give her big day up to another girl wearing a white dress. She can steal my glory any day," she said.


Proud dad Paul Behan said that they are thankful for every moment they have with their little miracle.

"At one stage I didn't think we would get her to the wedding," he revealed.

Anita and Paul (31) from Clonee, Co Meath got together after friends set them up on a date seven years ago.

Cupid struck and Kerri was born in August 2008 – the couple got engaged after a year.

However just weeks later, when she was only 14 months old, Kerri was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and she spent that Christmas in Crumlin Children's Hospital.

As well as cancer, she battled swine flu before recovering. However, it was short lived and she relapsed in January 2012. Less than 2pc of children develop a treatment-induced leukemia (i.e caused by the treatment for the initial cancer) but Kerri was one of those children.

This time she needed a bone marrow transplant. She had it but it failed and sadly she relapsed again in March of this year.


This time Paul and Anita were told things were not good and while the doctors could try another type of chemo and another bone marrow transplant, there was just a 10pc chance it would work.

"We were also told about the palliative route because of the risk of mutli-organ failure due to the toxicity of the drugs," Paul said.

Anita – who is a nurse – said that they decided on treatment and this time she donated her bone marrow.

"It was either bring her home and we know how things will end or else get her the treatment and we don't know how things will end," she said.

Her beloved daughter is now in remission and finished all treatment and Kerri is as excited about the wedding as her mum and dad.

Yesterday Anita picked up her ivory wedding dress and she revealed that Kerri will also wear ivory.

The five-year-old is very excited about wearing her 'pretty dress,' and will join her mum and dad on honeymoon in Tenerife.