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Kenny told: Don't fly with ministers

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny has taken one for the team ... an Aer Lingus flight, that is.

The Fine Gael leader has been forced to take a backseat today as most of his ministers head to Brussels.

As reported in the Herald yesterday, 10 members of the Cabinet and junior minister Lucinda Creighton are out of the country this evening.

But while they were all originally suppose to 'plane pool' on the Government jet, the Taoiseach and some of his staff have been downgraded to a commercial fight.

"It was decided at the last minute that it wouldn't be best practice for the Taoiseach and Tanaiste to travel on the same jet," explained a source.


A Government spokesman admitted that no specific threat against the ministers had been identified but they were taking no chances.

Sources say that the Taoiseach was "not too pleased" by demands from civil servants that he and the Tanaiste take separate flights but officials in his department insisted on it.

"The Taoiseach was very conscious about the costs that adding more flights especially so late.

"It was either himself or the Tanaiste that would have to give up a seat on the Government jet," explained a source.

Mr Kenny had to go through the usual security checks before boarding a flight to Brussels from Dublin Airport at 6.50am this morning.

His Cabinet didn't have to leave Ireland on the private jet until 7.30am.