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Kenny blasts tribunal plotters

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny last night described as "disgraceful" those former Fianna Fail ministers accused of undermining the Mahon Tribunal.

The Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin rushed to distance himself from the group by insisting he had never undermined the integrity of the tribunal.

Mr Martin has insisted he never undermined the integrity of the Mahon Tribunal.

"What I can say -- and I would challenge anybody to produce any quotation to that suggestion -- it is wrong and it would be wrong to, in any shape or form, undermine the tribunal.

"In particular to try and undermine the integrity of the tribunal, I would not, in any shape or form, condone that -- and I would condemn it."

The final Mahon report concluded attempts were made by Fianna Fail ministers in the past "to collapse" the inquiry.

Mr Kenny said the Government would be considering all of the recommendations of the tribunal in a full week of debates, next week.