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Kennedy supports gay rights march

SINGER Brian Kennedy is supporting a massive campaign pressing for equal rights in same sex families.

Hundreds are expected to turn out on the streets of Dublin tomorrow to march for rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Outspoken gay rights supporter Mr Kennedy said the Civil Partnership Act does not go far enough.

"It (civil partnership) is a step in the right direction, it's the first rung on the ladder but there are still another 150 rungs to go before we get to equality in marriage," he said.

"I could go to any other country in Europe and get married, but I can't here."

The singer explained that if the biological parent of a child passes away, their partner would have no rights to their child under current Irish law.

The custody of the child would rest with the biological parent's family.

"It's either a family or it's not -- that strikes me as the greatest issue of inequality," he said.

Mr Kennedy (44) urged the Government to implement full rights for all individuals.

He also asked people to join in the march at 3pm from Dublin City Hall.

"It'll be peaceful, warm, welcoming and you don't have to be gay to come along," he added.

Max Krzyzanowski, of action group LGBT Noise, said civil marriage inequality in Ireland is a human rights issue.

He said: "This is nothing short of State-endorsed discrimination in having separate laws for one section of society."