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Kelly's killers marked by evil, priest tells mourners

THE attackers behind the murder of Des Kelly and his partner are marked for life by their evil deed, mourners at their funeral have been told.

In a powerful address at the funeral of Mr Kelly (24), who was shot dead in the same house as mum-of-three Breda Waters (28), a priest condemned the murders.

As gardai continued their investigations into the double murder in Limerick, hundreds of mourners gathered at two churches across the city to console the grieving families and bid a tearful farewell to the shooting victims.

Last night, officers were continuing to question eight people for the murders of Mr Kelly and Ms Waters, who suffered fatal gunshot wounds at an address in O'Malley Park, Southill, on Sunday morning.

At Mr Kelly's funeral in the Holy Family Church, Southill, Fr Pat Hogan told the congregation that the Southill community thought they were "getting away from the insane evil acts of violence, but this has landed us back into the land of misery".

He said Sunday mornings were for family and chill-out time. He said it is the "most sacred time of the week".

"The quietness, the sacredness of the morning and the evilness of Dessie and Breda's murders lie in stark contrast to each other," Fr Hogan said.

"Whoever was involved in this, whoever may have conspired, or given the word, needs to hear that you have been involved in a great evil. You also need to hear that your evil deed has marked you like no other evil deed can and it has marked you for life.

"Maybe we will never know who you are, but you will know, and you will see it constantly every moment of your life."

Addressing the hushed congregation, Fr Hogan said the killers needed to hear that they brought shame on themselves, their families and their children.

"There are many ways that you will hide from your evilness, but you will never escape it, you have chosen to walk with a deadly companion, that will never leave your side. You will hide by blaming this one or that one ... but there will always be moments when you wake up to a deadly companion," Fr Hogan said.

At the funeral of Ms Waters in St Mary's Church, Canon Donough O'Malley said the family of the young mother were feeling anguish and sorrow at her sudden leaving.

He said all gathered there remembered Ms Water's family and children who are "in need of renewed hope, renewed confidence, renewed strength and renewed faith".

Reciting a poem, a brother of Ms Waters told mourners: "When the sky is black, blue or grey, I'll be praying for you every day. Until the day, we reunite, the prayers will stay each day and night. You escaped this world, you're free of pain, in all our hearts you will remain."