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Keith's delight as Mia's pet dog is back home safe


Keith and Lisa Duffy

Keith and Lisa Duffy

Keith and Lisa with Mia and Jay. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Keith and Lisa with Mia and Jay. Photo: Brian McEvoy

Mia's dog Lenny

Mia's dog Lenny


Keith and Lisa Duffy

KEITH Duffy has revealed his relief at finding his daughter's beloved dog Lenny after he disappeared from his family home.

Lenny was found safe and sound after the Boyzone star took to Twitter to appeal for help from members of the public in finding him.

The boyband legend explained yesterday how he began to panic after he noticed the Chinese Crested dog was missing on Monday, fearing it might upset his daughter Mia (15).

"About five or six years ago a psychologist advised us that it might be a good for my daughter Mia, who has autism, for her progression and socialisation, to have a pet dog," he said.

"So we found this dog and its temperament is amazing. He's so friendly. He's Mia's best friend - she'll come home from school and look after him. She calls him her baby," Keith (40) said.


He explained that Mia is sitting her Junior Certificate mock exams at the moment and that playing with Lenny is the only thing that helps her relax.

"The anxiety can take away from her performance in an exam situation so trying to keep her content, happy and anxiety-free is quite important," he said during an interview on Today FM's Anton Savage Show.

"The one thing that switches her off from the worries of the next day's exams would be playing in the house with the dogs. With Lenny especially, who's her little pride and joy."

After searching the area close to the family's home in Roganstown, the singer shared a picture of Lenny on Twitter which was retweeted over 600 times.

Just over an hour after Keith tweeted for help, Lenny had been found.

"I was blown away by the support shown by the people on Twitter," he said. "He was in a vet's surgery about five miles from the house," a relieved Keith said.