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Keith Barry weaves his magic in LA

Illusionist Keith Barry is LA-bound after casting a spell over Hollywood.

The TV star has been signed up to consult on big-budget movie Now You See Me 2 starring Morgan Freeman (inset) and Michael Caine, the Herald can reveal.

Telling the story of a group of bank-robbing illusionists, he also consulted on the first installment of the flick as he let the big-name stars in on some of the tricks of the trade.

"I consulted on the first one the whole way through so I'm working on the second one, which will take up a lot of my time.

"I've so many projects on at the moment, I can't even think about the next one. I'm pretty much booked up until next year," he said.

The magician and illusionist previously had a five-week residency at the Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas after going down a storm in the States.

Closer to home, he'll join forces with Philip Schofield shortly for a new programme called You're Back in the Room which goes into pre-production next month.

Described as a hypnosis-led game show for ITV, he has been charged with stopping people from winning money using his mind-bending powers in the programme.

"They'll be trying to win ten grand or 50 grand by doing a simple task and my job is to stop them doing that and also try to make it funny along the way," he said.

"If they're trying to put green balls in a red hole, I'll try to stop them, that sort of thing.


"Myself and Philip filmed the pilot together and he's brilliant to work with so we'll go into filming in January and then it's scheduled to air around Easter-time."

He's also doing another installment of his hit Brain Hacker show with TV3 and is bringing it back with a new twist.

"We're taking it out of the studio and potentially filming internationally," he continued.

Barry explained how the concept of the programme did so well that it has now been sold abroad - including France.

"We're going to Paris today to launch the show because TV3 sold it over there," he said.

He added how the production has also been dubbed in various countries like Russia and China as international audiences devoured the concept.

The ambitious illusionist will also be going back on the road next year as he decides on whether to do a show in the UK or Ireland.