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Keep the bosses away from Christmas parties say workers

Many workers do not want their boss to go to the office Christmas party, a new survey has found.

The study found that employees fear the boss will spoil the fun or even spark a violent reaction.

The survey of 2,000 adults by restaurant chain TGI Friday's found that one in three believed having their manager around stops everyone having fun.

One in five said they do not want their boss to attend the office Christmas party at all.

More than a quarter (27pc) were worried they might not be able to resist telling them exactly what they think of them.


One in eight were worried things could turn physical, while 1pc revealed they had quit their job at the office party.

Darrell Wade, commercial director of TGI Friday's UK, said: "The office Christmas party is all about cutting loose, having fun and celebrating all the hard work the staff have put in over the year.

"Bosses who want to join in the party should give their staff what they want, which is a mix of a lively atmosphere, great food and indulgent cocktails, and, of course, look on the bright side, over half the population don't mind the boss coming along, even if the only reason is to pick up the tab."