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Keane suing Paddy Power over Braveheart billboard

Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane is suing bookmakers Paddy Power over the firm using his face on a mocked-up image of him as Braveheart's William Wallace.

A massive billboard featuring Keane as the Scottish hero - in a still from the Oscar-winning film - was placed on the side of a 40-foot truck and driven around Dublin ahead of Ireland's European qualifier match against Scotland. It was also driven past the Aviva stadium where the match - which ended in a 1-1 draw - was played on June 13.

The billboard had the following message aimed at Scottish fans: "You may take our points - but at least we have our freedom... (Ya wee pussies)".

The slogan was a reference to the Scottish independence referendum which took place in September last year - and saw a majority of Scots vote to stay within the United Kingdom. Some 1.6 million people voted - with 55pc voting to stay within the union.

It was reported that the former Manchester United captain has begun proceedings against Paddy Power and the case is likely to take place early next year.


He is represented by A&L Goodbody while the bookmakers have engaged Arthur Cox to represent them.

It's understood representatives for Keane lodged High Court papers against the company on Monday.

The case could cost Paddy Power up to €100,000 if Keane wins and his legal costs are paid.