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Katia dumps DJ in BB house

Romance blossoming in the Big Brother house came to a frosty end as Ronnie Wood's ex-girlfriend Katia Ivanova dumped Swedish DJ Basshunter.

The Russian model, who had a boyfriend when she entered the house, told the musician, real name Jonas Altberg, that she would regret having a fling on the show.

She said: "I was thinking we need to stop this thing because it's not worth it in the end, and we're more friends anyway.

"Before it gets out of hand. I know I'll regret it because I really care about someone, and it's not worth it."

Altberg insisted it was "cool".

Public revolt over cameras

An attempt to introduce Gatso-style speed cameras on the other side of the Atlantic has ended in a public revolt, with motorists binning speeding tickets worth $90million. The scheme in Arizona is now on the verge of bankruptcy and might be scrapped.

Its demise would mark an ignoble end to the first statewide effort to bring speed camera enforcement to the US, where many, including judges and elected officials, regard the devices as an unconstitutional taxcollection method.

Swiss driver fined €200k

A Swiss court appeared to set a world record by slapping a €200,000 speeding fine on a millionaire Ferrari driver, it has emerged.

The court levied the fine in November on a man identified in the Swiss media only as "Roland S". Judges in St Gallen described him as a "traffic thug" in their verdict.

European countries are increasingly issuing speeding fines linked to a person's income as a way to punish wealthy drivers who would otherwise ignore tickets.

New judge for US talent show

Howie Mandel, who hosted the US version of Deal Or No Deal, is replacing David Hasselhoff as one of the judges on America's Got Talent.

NBC executives said Mandel would be teamed with returning hosts Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan.

America's Got Talent is one of the most popular summer series on US TV.