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Kathryn Thomas takes the plunge as boyfriend Padraig moves in

RTE star Kathryn Thomas has taken the 
plunge and is living with boyfriend Padraig McLoughlin.

The 35-year-old revealed that things are going swimmingly between the pair after her restaurateur beau moved into her Dublin 8 home.

"We moved in together very recently so I'm very happy," she told the Herald.

She has some precious time off next month and will head over to America to visit her sister, with plans for Padraig to join her for some of the time.

"He's doing great. He's probably going to come out to New York for four or five days, but work-wise he's got a lot going on as well," she continued.

"I work quite oddly in the sense that I've got seven or so months where I'm literally flat out and haven't time to think and then you've got a month or two where you can take off."

Kathryn will be her usual busy self this autumn, given that she's back on Operation Transformation and The Voice of Ireland.

She's also looking fitter than ever as she has gone back training with Paul Byrne.

However, RTE's golden girl said she would hesitate before following in Amanda Byram's footsteps with a full nude photoshoot when she turns the 40 in a few years time.

"Would I strip off when I'm 40? I don't think so. Then again, I wandered around in my bikini for ten years on No Frontiers and I started that back when I was 21," she said.

"Even then, I remember thinking, 'Oh will they have me walking up the beach and shooting me from behind? And can I put a top on for this?' So I have the hang-ups like everyone else and I think, even if you're Amanda Byram, you're still going to have some little hang-ups about yourself."

This week saw Kathryn named as ambassador for Jacob's Crispbreads, with recent research finding that 83pc of Irish women admit their confidence is linked to their body weight.

She has also been filling in for John Murray on RTE Radio One while he's on holidays - and said her heart went out to Ryan Tubridy in the wake of criticism over the JNLR figures.

"You look at Ryan and he got a terrible time and when you actually dissect it and look at the figures, it's not as bad as people were trying to make out. But it's difficult," she said.

"It's a very competitive industry and the fact they can be so precise is quite scary."