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Karen'S waiting for A Christmas surprise

Tv3's Karen Koster says she doesn't want to find out the sex of her baby before she gives birth in December.

Karen and her husband John McGuire are expecting their first child this Christmas - but are eager to keep it a surprise.

"I don't know and we're not going to find out," she told the Herald.

Pregnancy is clearly suiting Karen who was in flying form when she was announced as a co-host of the TV3 Christmas Toy Show with Brian McFadden.

But the Xpose anchor does admit that although she is in top form, she has been having some weird dreams of late.

"I was dreaming last night that I was getting married but gave birth in the middle of the aisle," she said.

"And then on my wedding day was carrying around this new-born child.

"So my head is just melted with weird dreams and bizarre thoughts so hopefully that dies down."

Karen says that presenting the show will be a very special night for her.

"I'll be eight months pregnant when it's on and I was saying to my husband, 'Does this kid know how lucky they are?'

"They're already getting a ticket to the toy show.' It's the hottest ticket in town and they already got to go," she laughed.


The 34-year-old is excited to be the first female presenter of an Irish toy show.

"I'm thrilled to be taking part. There's never been a girl on set so I'm thrilled to be there and have a proper go with all the girl toys and all the babies - it'll be good practice," she said.

And while she's looking forward to taking some time out with her new born, Karen says she'll still be tuning in to Xpose.

"I was feeling a bit conflicted initially with all the changes were happening at Xpose, I was thinking, 'Woah all this momentum is gathering and then I'm going to be gone when it's up and running in the new format.'

"But then I had a day off and I was watching Glenda and Lisa do it and I thought 'This is grand, I could get used to this' - watching it with my feet up," she said.

"I think for a lot of working moms they might feel out of the loop when they're not in the office and they're not hearing what's going on but I'll get to watch them at six o'clock."