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Karen's killer Pacteau 'obsessed' with woman


Alexander Pacteau

Alexander Pacteau

Karen Buckley was killed by Alex Pacteau

Karen Buckley was killed by Alex Pacteau


Alexander Pacteau

Killer Alexander Pacteau (21) became infatuated with a young Scottish woman and bombarded her with texts and gifts at the same time as he told a sexual assault trial that he was gay.

The details emerged as neighbours of Pacteau, who bludgeoned Irish nurse Karen Buckley (24) to death, revealed their concerns over the young man. Some in Glasgow's West End nicknamed Pacteau 'Shrek' because of his hulking size and brooding appearance.

Neighbours admitted they remain deeply shocked that a man living in their quiet residential area, popular with students and professionals, could have brutally killed the Cork woman and tried to dispose of her body .

One neighbour revealed that Pacteau, who attended Anniesland College - where he started but then abandoned a business degree course - became infatuated with a pretty young Glasgow woman.

"He was obsessed with her. He was phoning her and texting her all the time," she said.


"Then we heard, because my daughter knew the young woman, that he started buying her gifts - one turned out to be a sex toy. After that she told him she wanted nothing to do with him. We thought he was a very strange young man."

Other neighbours described Pacteau as "quite awkward" and someone who wasn't happy with his circumstances in life.

When he was arrested, Pacteau was dependent on State benefits after his business venture failed in 2014.

The infatuation was around the time Pacteau successfully defended a totally unrelated sexual assault charge before Glasgow High Court.

A then-24-year-old woman claimed that Pacteau approached her as she walked home from a 21st birthday party in November, 2011, and offered to help her find a taxi. They had never met before.

She then claimed he suddenly attacked her, threw her to the ground and sexually assaulted her. Pacteau rejected the allegation and counter-claimed that she had attacked him. He testified to the trial that he was gay.