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Karen Koster: 'I've traded Christmas Eve drinks for family nights in front of fire'

Karen Koster's Christmas traditions have changed from nights out to cosy family time at home.

The TV3 star has a son, Finn, who will celebrate his first birthday on New Year's Eve. She is expecting her second child with her husband John Maguire.

"The tradition in my gang used to be going for drinks in Dalkey on Christmas Eve but that's not a runner at all any more," she told the Herald.

"Number one because I'm pregnant but also Finn goes to bed early and I don't want to disrupt his routine and have a cranky baby on Christmas Day.

"Christmas for me now is all about the cosy nights in. I'll still see my pals but it's those quieter moments at home with a movie on and the Christmas tree that are really special," she added.

This year is even more special for the couple, as it is Finn's first Christmas.

"We had his first Christmas party where Santa came to visit and little things like buying him Christmas jumpers, everything is so cute.

"It's very exciting when you have kids, though, you start to view Christmas through his eyes," she said.

Both John and Karen's families are from Dublin so they'll spend Christmas Day with both of them.

Lucky "We'll be up well early anyway and we'll do presents in the morning and then we'll head to John's folks for breakfast," she said.

"It's my family's turn to host Christmas lunch and then we'll be home early enough because we have a dog so we can't leave her alone for too long.

"We're really lucky that both of our families are from Dublin so we're able to see everyone," she added.

The Xpose presenter will take some time off when her new arrival comes in March, and said she was impressed with the guest presenters on the show.

Well-known faces like Nicola Hughes and Thalia Heffernan have stepped in front of the camera recently.

"I thought Jodie Albert did an amazing job, she came across really nice on camera," she said.

Karen was speaking at the TV3 and Focus Ireland's #Hand4Homelessness event yesterday. Crowds gathered to try and beat the Guinness World Record for the most number of handprints on a canvas.