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‘Juvenile’ gay radio jibes irked All-Star Galvin

PAUL Galvin had ongoing issues with his portrayal on Oliver Callan’s satirical Green Tea radio show, it was confirmed today.

Tensions between the GAA star Galvin and TV comic Oliver Callan stem from “gay jibes” about the footballer, a pal revealed to the Herald.

The All-Star was “far from impressed” when the RTE comic jeered his colourful fashion sense on the radio skits.

“It was really primary schoolboy stuff. Paul likes fashion therefore ‘he’s gay wink, wink’ type stuff. Totally juvenile but still it was broadcast. Naturally Paul wasn’t very happy with that but the Green Tea guys still thought they were very funny guys, haw haw,” said a pal of the football star.

“Paul let it get to him when he met them. He knows he shouldn’t have but it just happened. A lot of people would have reacted the same if it was about them but Paul is in the public eye and that for him unfortunately is the difference,” said the pal.

Mr Galvin became embroiled in the confrontation with Callan in Kehoe’s pub on South Anne Street on Wednesday night.


Earlier there were some skits |about his reported relationship with Grainne Seoige but this was not the spark for the bust up.

The incident is said to have left Callan”badly shaken” after an eyewitness said Paul tried to headbutt him in front of a Government Minister and a Senator. Gardai at Pearse Street are investigating the incident.

Sources close to Galvin said Callan's attempts to parody him left feelings between the pair “quite raw”. “When they had the encounter in Kehoe’s, that wasn't the first time they had met. They did know each other before then,” the source said.

“Ollie had done some skits of him over the summer, slagging him off about his fashion sense and basically implying that he is gay,” added the insider.

“He felt that he had been publicly antagnosing him for a while now and the whole thing erupted when they saw each other in Kehoe's.”

Friends of the footballer have admitted that he was left “very upset” about the whole incident and has so far declined to comment. He's now thought to have left Dublin amid the whole media furore over the pub scrap as he waits for things to die down. Friends of Callan today revealed his “shock” and “disgust” after Galvin “went absolutely nuts” and demanded that they “go outside”.

The encounter was made even more bizarre by the presence of Junior Transport Minister Alan Kelly, a TD and a senator.

A pal of Callan revealed: “Galvin kept threatening Oliver and then said ‘you little c***, why don’t you come downstairs and we’ll sort it out’. He went nuts.”

He added: “I asked him what his problem was. He wouldn’t answer. Oliver looked seriously rattled.”

Galvin – who worked as a school teacher – is thought to admit that an alercation took place but disputes some of the claims. Eyewitnesses described how the drama unfolded at Kehoe’s shortly before midnight when Galvin reacted angrily to references to Ms Seoige.

In the pub at the time was Mr Callan and members of the Green Tea production team. At some stage Galvin joined the group and launched into an tirade against the comedian, who also presents Nob Nation on 2fm. Gardai were called to scene after one of Callan’s production team tried to intervene in the scuffle and was allegedly pushed by Galvin.