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Justice has not been served, say saddened and angry parents of tragic model

FIVE years have passed since Katy French's tragic death and still her family are desperate for answers.

Her parents "cannot" and "will not forgive" those who were with the model in the hours before she collapsed.

"She was my daughter – I love her," were the heartfelt words from John French, Katy's father, spoken shortly after Kieron Ducie and Ann Corcoran avoided jail for facilitating a drug deal the weekend she died.

The family said that Katy was the "light of our lives" and it was now time to "let her rest".

Katy's parents John and Janet French and her sister Jill said afterwards they were "saddened" and "really angry" after more serious charges were dropped.



In a lengthy statement, the family said they felt unable to forgive Kieron Ducie and Ann Corcoran for their failure to call an ambulance after they admitted finding the 24-year-old model ill at their home.

"We are left now without a full picture of what happened and many questions still need to be answered," said Janet French.

The family explained they still want to know why it took almost two hours from when Katy was discovered "rigid" and "bouncing" on the floor to her being brought to hospital in Ducie's car.

They want to know why the ambulance services were not called first to find out how long it would take to get to hospital.

They also question why Ducie and Corcoran repeatedly changed their stories about what had happened and why they said she had been drinking heavily when tests showed her blood alcohol level was equivalent to half a glass of wine.

Katy's father John said: "For five years we watched Katy being slandered, torn apart, being used as a flagship for so-called drug taking.

"Not once has anybody pointed out that, while she admitted it, she was trying to clean herself up, trying to show the way."

Tests show the model had half a glass of wine and 0.8mg of cocaine in her system along with traces of antibiotics for a kidney infection, cough medicine and contraceptives.

"She wasn't on a binge drink, that was pretty obvious despite what people say," stressed John.

Katy died in hospital on December 6, 2007, four days after she was brought to A&E.

A post-mortem by State Pathologist Marie Cassidy revealed she suffered brain damage brought about by ingestion of cocaine.

Yesterday lorry driver Ducie, of Lamberstown Manor, Kilmessan in Co Meath, was given a two-and-a-half year jail term and accountancy firm secretary Corcoran received a two-year sentence.

Both sentences were suspended in full by Judge Michael O'Shea who said the model had "her whole life ahead of her" and whose death was a tragic cross for her family to carry.