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Just two more years for Dublin Eye wheel?

THE Dublin Eye wheel in the Docklands may only be around for another two years, it has emerged.

Harry Crosbie, the business-man behind the venture, has said it will definitely be around until 2013 but he will review the situation then.

"There is always a finite time for this type of wheel," a spokesman for Mr Crosbie, below, told the Herald.

"It could be two, four or eight years. The wheel will definitely be there for the next two years. It will stay there until there is no more business for it."

In a country the size of Ireland, there is always a finite period in which it can operate, the spokesman said.

Giant Ferris wheels have operated around the world and they always only stay for a "certain amount of time", he added. "We'll see how long it lasts after two years," the spokesman said.


He was commenting ahead of the world record attempt by RTE's Brenda Donohue and others, who are aiming to break the record for the longest Ferris wheel ride.

They are raising money for the Bone Marrow Leukaemia Trust (BMLT).

The company that owned the Belfast wheel, Great City Attractions, announced after two and a half years that it would be removing the ride.

It had been a familiar sight outside Belfast City Hall since it came to the city in October 2007.

In the beginning, it was scheduled to stay for just six months but its popularity saw its stay extended.

Mr Crosbie's Point Village Company was given permission by Dublin City Council for the docklands' 53.3-metre high observation wheel beside the O2 Arena.