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Just as we're getting set for autumn -- summer arrives

BETTER late than never.

Just when you've packed away any hopes of summer -- it arrives at the start of October.

Forecasters say that weather approaching Indian summer conditions are expected in the east over the next couple of days.

The mild and humid conditions are expected to continue until the weekend with temperatures rising as high as 23C tomorrow in some areas.

Met Eireann said temperatures will rise from 17C yesterday to 20C today and up to 23C in the east from tomorrow until Friday. Temperatures will remain a few degrees above normal until the weekend.

The south and west will not be as lucky with rainy spells and windy conditions in coastal areas and temperatures rising to around 20C.

The east will be mainly dry but the west will have some rain tomorrow and Friday. Met Eireann forecast night-time temperatures not dropping below around 15C to 16C in places.


"Eastern parts of the country are likely to be dry much of the time with some warm, sunny spells and top temperatures in the low twenties.

"There will be some periods of rain, mainly in western areas and heavy at times, but there will be dry bright weather also -- especially on Thursday," said a forecaster.