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Jury retires in glass fight trial Child's pleas in emergency call Second Katrina officer charged Six prisoners killed in riot

The jury in the trial of a Dublin accountant accused of assaulting an engineer leaving him blind in one eye has been sent home for the night having failed to reach a verdict.

Brian Keane (28) of Glenlyon Park, Knocklyon, has pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting Mr Jairo Andreas Diaz (33) causing him harm by forcing him through a glass door at a in Sandyford between April 14 and 15, 2006.

The jury had been deliberating for four hours and 45 minutes when Judge Tony Hunt told the members to suspend their deliberations for the evening. The jury were expected to return today to continue considering the verdict.

Child's pleas in emergency call

A dramatic 911 call reveals a terrified seven-year-old boy begging emergency dispatchers to send police to his California home where three armed robbers were threatening his parents.

He said he was hiding in a locked bathroom with his younger sister while the suspects threatened his mother and father at gunpoint. On the recording, he begs the operator to send police quickly, "a lot of them... and soldiers too".

When the suspects broke into the bathroom and grabbed the boy, he screamed and told them he called 911. The suspects fled without taking anything.

Second Katrina officer charged

A second ex-New Orleans officer was charged in a conspiracy to cover up a deadly police shooting of unarmed residents after Hurricane Katrina.

The shootings on the Danzinger Bridge killed two and wounded four others.

The US federal charge of misprision of a felony, meaning misconduct, was unsealed against ex-detective Jeffrey Lehrmann.

Six prisoners killed in riot

Venezuela's top prison authority said a riot at one of the country's most notorious lockups left six prisoners dead and 15 injured.

Consuelo Cerrada told Union Radio that inmates exchanged gunfire at the Yare I prison during clashes before authorities retook control.