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Junior high

Thousands of Junior Cert students bid a glad farewell to their exams last night and celebrated their results in style.

For the vast majority of the happy-go-lucky students, the night was a quiet and happy celebration but garda patrols were evident on the street as some revellers had consumed alcohol earlier on.

Kelly Hennessy (15) from Tallaght came into town to celebrate what she felt was a fair result.

"I was happy enough with my results. I think I did fairly well, I got what I deserved. I got eight honours and a pass."

Meanwhile, Hayley McCann (15), from Killinarden, said: "I got seven honours and three passes. And I really enjoyed coming out tonight."

Lauren Robinson (15) from Kimmage said: "I got six honours and three passes. We went for a meal today to celebrate and then we just came out to the disco. It was lovely because my parents were really proud of me."

And her pal Aoife Robinson said: "I was really happy. We just went out for a meal and then came here to Andrew's Lane."

A spokesperson for Dublin Fire Brigade said there were no incidents relating to young party goers, but crews are bracing themselves for a busy weekend when the majority of students will come out to celebrate.

Kelly Devlin from Ballybough said since all the venues closed early for Junior Certs, she'd move on to her friends' house party.

Chloe Moore (16) from East Wall said: "It was absolutely great. I did all honours and I got five passes and four honours.

"I was upset because I knew I didn't put the work into it that I should have so I'd advise people next year to just put the work in."

"I'm going to a gaff party now to have a great night."