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Junior Cert reveller in ecstasy 'overdose'

A 15-year-old teenager out celebrating the Junior Certificate results was rushed to hospital last night after suffering a suspected Ecstasy overdose.

The boy was found by ambulance staff on D'Olier Street. It is understood the boy had been out celebrating Junior Cert results' night with friends in Dublin's city centre.

A spokesperson for Dublin Fire Brigade said the boy was found at around 9pm.

He said the teen was conscious and breathing but was taken to St James's Hospital for further observation.


"He was said to be in a very bad way. He was conscious and breathing by they couldn't get much out of him," the spokesperson said.

"It was the opinion of the emergency personnel that he had overdosed on ecstasy and he was taken to St James's Hospital.

Emergency services reported a "hectic night" with dozens of incidents requiring the attention of ambulance crews in Dublin city alone. A spokesperson said all 12 Dublin Fire Brigade ambulances were mobilised and were busy all night.