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Junior Cert Diary: I hit the jackpot with the cashflow question in Business Studies


Isabel Doyle

Isabel Doyle

Isabel Doyle

I AM exhausted at this stage after so many exams. The days have been long and required a lot of using your brain, but thankfully today is my last full day.

The Business Studies paper yesterday went really well for me. I was a little stressed before because on each paper there are three guaranteed topics out of six.

You answer four questions, so I was apprehensive about the unseen element.

Sitting in the exam hall I got a bit of a shock because insurance came up mixed in with a consumer question.

I wasn't expecting that but I had a good idea of the subject, so I managed to put together a fairly solid answer.

I had thought that if I was going to run into trouble on this subject it would be on the second paper, as it is the one where accounts come up.

There was a cashflow forecast and, thankfully, it balanced first time for me.

I'm really happy with how things are going so far now that I'm almost there. Nearly everything I've studied has come up so far.

My twin sister Emily Jane is also over the moon with how the exams are going.

Today I will sit the History paper and then French in the afternoon.

I have spent more time revising for History than any other subject because the course is so broad.

Looking back on past exam papers I've tried to analyse the pattern but there doesn't seem to be one unfortunately.

Isabel Doyle (15) from Rathgar is a student at Sandford Park School